I deliver Holistic Voicework through several mediums.
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Exclusively Online
There are a range of tools and learning resources available. After online purchase;  Courses, Audio Guides and Workbooks can be downloaded to your directly to your device. Subscription Services and Training Programmes are hosted through the membership area of the site and relevant new content will be updated regularly . 
Monthly Circles

A new digital temple space dedicated to exploring the Divine Feminine Voice through the sharing of songs and stories of the sacred womb.

5 Elements of Voicework Sessions

Explore your voice through the 5 Elements. Come away with new tools to support your vocal journey and enjoy sharing in sound with others. A safe space for vocal exploration to support confidence, wellbeing and creativity.- Voice Care - Breathwork - Relaxation Practices -
- Guided Visualisation - Improvisation - Performance Skills -All over the age of 16 welcome to join.
No previous experience in music, singing, voicework or bodywork necessary.

In-depth Training

Immersive group training programme for those wishing to explore Holistic Voicework in a deeper way.

Audio Guides
Recordings to support your development in heightened states of relaxation, sensory and somatic awareness. 
Songwriting Exercises
Tools to expand your confidence in play through creative writing and composition.
Breathwork Practices
Resources to aid strength building and flexibility, as well as those to support hypertension and emotional release.
Online and In-Person 
*True Voice Creations is not currently facilitating any Community Music sessions or in-person events/learning opportunities*. In-person sessions are subject to availability and my changing location. To stay up to date with my location and where I may be available deliver voicework directly, please follow the Facebook page for updates. For larger projects such as workshops or performances please get in touch with me directly to discuss your ideas as I am available to travel.

Therapeutic Sound

A safe container is created to deliver channelled soundscapes tailored to the needs of the listener; experience a relaxing inner journey stimulated by these real-time compositions.

Private Sessions

In a 60 or 90 minute private session, we work together to craft goals to suit your specific needs and interests in vocal development

Workshops & Experiences
Tailor-made workshops; adapted to the needs and outcomes of the group. 
Live Performance
My performance rates are informed by industry standard guidance from the Incorporated Society of Musicians. 
Ritual and Ceremony
A safe container is created to deliver sounds to positively activate and stimulate the listener; experience a transformative inner journey simulated by these channelled soundscapes.
Scottish Soul

Live improvisatory performance; real-time storytelling through vocal soundscape, lyrics and instrumental accompaniment. A fusion of influence and vocal techniques spanning; Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk and specialist World styles.  

Lyrical Spells & Shamanic Beats
Poetry and Shamanic Soundscapes. A fusion of acoustic and electronic frequencies.
Presentations, Panels and Consultation
Please get in touch with me directly to discuss collaborative opportunities 

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