Terms of Service

True Voice Creations is a creative business with a focus in educating communities about the importance of using the voice as a therapeutic self development tool. This is achieved through a sharing of live vocal performances, educational tools and learning opportunities in the field of Holistic Voice Work. The content delivered through the range of services the business offers is informed by practical, academic fieldwork and research undertaken by the sole trader and business owner; Lise Mitchell Noble.

The webpage of True Voice Creations is registered to domain name: lisemitchellnoble.com

Associated social media accounts related to this business are as follows: Facebook.com/truevoicecreations









The business will provide a range of services relating to Holistic Voicework to share, inform and educate people about the value of using the voice as a confidence building, self developmental healing tool through the following mediums:
Community Music Facilitation - Offer Confidence Building Vocal Workshops for young people, young adults, mature adults, elderly and vulnerable groups in a range of public spaces. Run courses and educational events in Voicework. Hold Vocal Retreats in Sustainable Community Projects.
Live Improvisatory Performance - Perform physical concerts, gigs and festivals as a solo and collaborative artist. Deliver Guided Shamanic Sound Journeys. Engage in collaborative cross-disciplinary performance projects with other artists. Utilise social media platforms as live, interactive creative performance spaces.
Research on Voice - Conduct Ethnomusicology fieldwork on voice, documenting and preserving Intangible Oral and Cultural Heritage. Hold pilot studies with participants to investigate therapeutic benefits of specific applications of Voicework. Inform both creative and teaching practice through practical research.

The content on this website is the intellectual property of True Voice Creations. No part of the site may be copied, or reproduced. Any free resources, paid for courses or prgrammes are All Rights Reserved. If you are a Community Organisation or Educational Institution interested in sharing resource materials with your students, please contact me directly and we can discuss fair usage and distribution on a case by case basis.

Please take the time to read these Terms of Service. In using this website, you give your consent to acceptance and agreement of the terms outlined below. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not use the website or interact with any of the services offered by True Voice Creations through the domain https://lisemitchellnoble.com. 

True Voice Creations reserves the right to modify, alter, amend or update Website; Content, Privacy Policies and Terms of Use which are subject to change without notice. 

True Voice Creations may refuse access to the Website, in whole or part, to any person that fails to comply with these Terms of Use. 

Purchase Policies  

There are a range of educational tools available on this website. This Purchase Policy is in 3 parts and relates to any pay-for item which has been bought online through this website as well as any in-person services which may have been paid for through cash transaction:

Digital Learning Resources (Courses, Training Programmes, Audio, Video and Written Guides, Online Sessions and Consultations) 

All Courses, Training Programmes and Audio/Visual/Written guides are one One-Time Purchase products. Upon successful processing of payment through the Stripe online payment portal, or via PayPal on the website; access will be granted to these tools which will either be hosted on the True Voice Creations site (and will be accessible via a unique log-in specific to each customer) or sent out directly to the email address that you have provided.

Stand-alone Courses and Audio/Visual/Written guides will be made available through instant access. 

Training Programmes will be made available through sequential drip access. 

Online Sessions and Consultations will be made available through a private Zoom meeting link at an assigned time agreed by you, the customer, and Lise Mitchell Noble, the facilitator.

Any Monthly Subscription services are considered a Recurring Purchase. When this product is first bought you are opting in to be billed monthly until you decide you wish to manually end your subscription for this product. It is your responsibility to cancel the membership should you no longer wish to opt in for these services.    

Virtual Circles will be made available to access through a live Zoom call. This resource, as well as audio and written materials will then be uploaded into the membership portal of the True Voice Creations site which will be accessible via a unique log-in specific to each customer.

In-Person Learning Opportunities (Community Music Workshops, Vocal Retreats, One to One Private Coaching, Vocal Sessions and Taught Courses)

All Physical Events and Learning Opportunities will have contractual agreements specific to each project. Specific payment plans and arrangements will be negotiated on a case by case basis. 

Live Performance (Concerts/Gigs/Presentations/Talks at Private & Community Events, Music Festivals and Public Spaces) 

All Physical Events and Live Performances will have contractual agreements specific to each project, working partners and venues. Live Performance pricing will relate to industry standard guidelines as indicated by the Incorporated Society of Musicians. Specific payment arrangements will be negotiated directly with venues and event organisers.  

Refund Policy

All sales of Immediate Access Digital Resources are final and non-refundable. This includes Online Courses, Consultations and Vocal Sessions. 

Ongoing student satisfaction is of high importance. If you are not happy with the service you are receiving during one of True Voice Creations’ Training Programmes, you can submit a written request for withdrawal. Please send this request to: lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk within 1 month of the Programme start date explaining why it is not meeting your needs. It will be expected that you have fully completed all homework assignments up to this point. 

License for Use of Products and Services

All Digital Learning Resources have been developed solely for your personal use. These may not be reproduced for publication or personal/commercial use without permission from the author; Lise Mitchell Noble. If you are interested in using these Learning Resources for your Event/Business or within your Community, please contact Lise directly to discuss this - lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk. Please note that certain products and services offered within the True Voice Creations website may be subject to separate Terms and Conditions. 

Privacy Policy 

Your privacy is respected and steps have been taken to protect it. Please review the detailed Privacy Policy for more information. 

General Disclaimer 

The content on the True Voice Creations website and associated social media accounts is informed by specialist training, academic research, community music facilitation, teaching experience and personal creative practice. 

Holistic Voicework draws on a wide range of disciplines which are complimentary to personal and vocal development. True Voice Creations provides a range of services and tools to support individuals with their personal learning journey. These resources are designed in such a way to be utilised and adapted by students as they see fit. True Voice Creations makes no guarantees as to specific results which may evolve from using these tools, although the intention and ethos behind this work is to share information to aid self-healing. In this respect each student will have a unique experience in how they work with the content provided. In all Resource Materials made available; students are encouraged to use their personal judgement and assessment as how to apply specific exercises and practices to suit their needs. Health and safety is a paramount consideration in the creation of exercises and factors including; Psychological and Physiological Disabilities are taken into consideration in their delivery and explanation. You can read more detail on this on the FAQ page.
True Voice Creations disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages, in addition; assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of use of the information provided on the Website. 

Consulting Disclaimer 

A professional or consulting relationship does not automatically exist between you and True Voice Creations. A separate agreement is necessary to retain True Voice Creations for consulting purposes. This will be outlined in the form of a contractual agreement signed by both parties which will define the exact Terms of consultation services. 

True Voice Creations makes no guarantees that you will see positive results in your business through working with any techniques and materials provided on the Website. True Voice Creations does not assume responsibility for your decisions in regards to policies or practices that you implement based on information found on this Website or associated social media accounts. 

This Website serves for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. 

Vocal Coaching Disclaimer 

You understand that the creator and facilitator of all Courses, Training Programmes and Vocal Sessions; Lise Mitchell Noble is a Holistic Vocal Practitioner and not a clinician. 

You understand that these resources are not implied to replace clinical treatment, and that Lise is not medically qualified to provide you with a definitive diagnosis on any medical conditions. It is advised that you seek the advise of your Medical Doctor/ENT or Speech Pathologist if you have specific concerns related to vocal injuries or conditions. Lise Mitchell Noble will be happy to liaise directly with your Doctor should you wish to proceed with a specific Course or Training Programme that you feel would be supportive to your vocal rehabilitation but have concerns about whether these tools will be suitable for your needs. Please direct your clinician to this Website for reference and request they contact: lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk where Lise will be happy to answer any questions related to Course Content and Vocal Methodologies.

Any services which relate the Health and Wellbeing aspects of vocal development as described within Vocal Remedy (part of the 5 Elements of Voicework system of Holistic Voicework created by True Voice Creations) are informed by Intuitive Herbalism, Scottish Oral Folklore and Celtic Herbal lore unless otherwise stated. Lise is not a qualified Herbalist; any recommendations, recipes, preparations or products are provided in the context of full disclosure of this information. Guidance or notes on supplementation and dosage of Herbal Preparations for support with Voicework are to be considered as educational and informative. You acknowledge that the consumption of any preparations made by you, or anyone else is not advocated to guarantee specific results and that the user (you) does so at their own risk. True Voice Creations accepts no liability for any medical claims and no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of use of the information provided on the Website or associated social media accounts. 

You understand that purchase of any products listed on the Website or enrolment in any Courses, Training Programmes or in-person Learning Opportunities are for educational purposes only and to provide you with supportive tools. You understand that True Voice Creations makes to claims to guarantee specific results. Your feedback and user experience is very important, you may have opportunities to share your experiences and results so that Courses can be assessed for accessibility and positive engagement. If you would like to send an email please direct this to: lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk

Your Responsibility

You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your participation, progress, and subsequent results from any of the Resource Materials and information available on the Website. True Voice Creations makes no representations, warranties or guarantees for these services. You understand that as Holistic Voicework relates to personal development and everyone has a unique balance of Psychological, Physiological, Social, Emotional and Spiritual characteristics; results may vary from person to person. True Voice Creations is not responsible for your progress results or any expenses that you may incur as a result of you purchasing items on the Website. Every effort is made to ensure no  errors or omissions appear in the Website content, therefore True Voice Creations cannot accept any liability for the above. 

Use of the Website 

This Website contains materials protected by intellectual property laws, including but not limited to written text, logos, photos, videos, audio recordings, music, art, designs and graphics. As the user, you may view, download, print and use materials from this Website for personal, non-commercial purposes only; subject to the license below. You are not permitted to republish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, display, distribute or otherwise use any materials from this Website for commercial use. The reproduction or unauthorised use of any materials from this Website constitutes copyright infringement. 

Unless otherwise stated, True Voice Creations owns the Intellectual Property and Rights to all content and material on this Website. Please see further detail on the Intellectual Property notes below. 

The following uses of any content available on the Website is not permitted: 

• Republication of content unless it is specifically and expressly made available for this purpose

• Sale, rental or sub-license of content

• Reproduction or duplication of content for commercial purposes; 

• Modification of any content unless content is specifically and expressly made available for modification or through contractual agreement

• Redistribution of content that is otherwise not specifically and expressly made available for redistribution. Users are permitted to share quoted content on social media channels for example, providing adequate referencing of authorship and a link to the the Website. 

This Website may utilise plugins or widgets to allow sharing of content via social media channels, email or other methods. The use of these does not constitute a waiver of True Voice Creations’ intellectual property rights. Such use pertains to a limited license to republish the content on the approved social media channels, with link and full credit to the author; Lise Mitchell Noble. 

The Website must not be used in a way that causes, or may cause, damage to the Website or impairs the availability of access to the Website. You are not permitted to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the Website, except to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law. Any intended legal actions as such should be first expressed in writing to: lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk.  The Website must not be used to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material that consisting of (or linked to) spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit and/or other harmful code or malicious software. 

Systematic or automated data collection activities, including, but not limited to scraping, data mining, data extraction or data harvesting within the Website are not permitted. 

Transmitting or sending unsolicited commercial communications through the Website is not permitted. 

You must not use the Website for any third-party marketing without express written permission from True Voice Creations. If you wish to discuss partnering or business relationship in relation to signposting and referencing this Website then please contact Lise Mitchell Noble directly to discuss; lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk


Intellectual Property

All original materials created by Lise Mitchell Noble are part of the Website and this content is owned by True Voice Creations. You do not have permission to use or transfer any of intellectual property on this Website to or for the benefit of any third party. Your use of this Website and any purchased resources does not grant you a license to sell, distribute, reproduce or prepare  derivative works, displays or performances of any content. All Intellectual Property Rights are Reserved. True Voice Creations is legally entitled to take action to prohibit any violations of Intellectual Property Rights. 

You agree that you will not create any electronic or physical information product which utilises the information gained through your participation in any Courses, Training Programmes or In-Person Learning Opportunities. 

You are not permitted to use any Intellectual Property belonging to True Voice Creations without express consent. You agree not to make claims or assertion to any other party’s ownership of True Voice Creations’ Intellectual Property. 


5 Elements of Voicework is a registered trademark of True Voice Creations and is protected under Trademark law in United Kingdom. If you wish to read more about trademarks you can do so at: https://www.gov.uk/topic/intellectual-property/trade-marks. The Website does host several images which are trademarks owned by third parties, these are are the respective property of their owners and referenced only in relation to working partnerships and creative collaborations with True Voice Creations. 


You acknowledge and agree that in the event of certain breaches of the Terms of Service, True Voice Creations may legally employ interdicts as preventative remedy, either against a wrong which is being committed, or against an anticipated wrong or violation of a the aforementioned rights.

Child Safety Policy

The Website does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 16. If a parent or guardian believes that there is personal data of any child under the age of 16 on this database, please contact lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk with your concerns and this information will be removed from these records. 

At present all Resource Materials on this Website including Courses and Training Programmes are intended for use by those who are aged 16+. 

Any future materials designed for young children will include specific guidance and have their own Usage Terms.
In regards to In-person Learning Opportunities, all Residential Vocal Retreats are open to individuals aged 16+.
Community Workshops and One to One Tuition are tailor-made services and therefore, are available for all ages, with appropriate adjustments made to cater to the differing needs of these groups. Child Protection and Safety is of upmost importance and any interaction with children under the age of 16 will need to be signed off by a legal guardian, support worker or community organisation who have consent to work with young people in educational settings.

Registration and Restricted Access

On the website, access to the Monthly Membership is restricted to subscribers. The Courses and Training Programme portals are restricted to those who have purchased these items. All purchases that relate to a restricted area of the website will prompt an email communication providing a link to register your personal log in details; email-address and password which will give you access to your purchased content. You will be able to amend your log-in information and retrieve your password through an email link if necessary.

You agree to keep your username and password confidential and not to share this information with anyone else. If you believe your password has been compromised, please notify Lise immediately at lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk.  True Voice Creations can not be made liable for any losses caused by unauthorised use of your account.
True Voice Creations reserves the right to disable your username and password or limit access to paid content for editing and updates without notice to you. In addition, the right to modify methods for registration and access levels of registered users from time to time. 

Access to Monthly Subscription will be suspended in the event of unsuccessful recurring payments. You will be notified of an errors with charging via email with a prompt to update your payment details. Upon successful payment content will be made instantly accessible again. 

Likeness Release

In purchasing either of the following products; Monthly Vocal Journey Circle Subscription or Journey with the True Voice Training Programme, you consent to be filmed as a participant. Training videos will be made accessible through live Zoom call links and these will be recorded and uploaded to the Website for you to access this content on demand. You grant True Voice Creations a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free and sublicensable right to use your image, likeness, photograph and recording (Likeness) in connection with the display of these resources in any medium now known or created. These recordings will be password protected and accessible to those who have purchased Courses or Training Programmes. You hereby warrant that no third parties have rights in the Likeness and you have no contractual or other arrangements which would interfere with or prevent the above- mentioned grant of rights. You release True Voce Creations from any claims related to use of the Likeness in connection with the Course/Training Programme. You agree not to sue, to indemnify, and hold harmless the True Voice Creations (and it’s associates and employees). You agree not to raise any claims, liability, loss or damage, including legal fees, caused by or arising out of the use of the Likeness in accordance with these terms. You can make a request to opt out of this release by sending express written notice to lisemtchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk. Please indicate your request for Opt-Out of Release make reference to the Course name and date of recordings. Personal communications, Private Vocal sessions, and dialogues between the the course creator, Lise Mitchell Noble and the customer related to personal and sensitive information are protected and will never be shared. 


You consent to receive electronic communications from True Voice Creations. You agree that all legal notices provided by electronic means from True Voice Creations satisfy any requirement for written notice.  If you are no longer subscribed to a product or service and wish to have your personal information removed from the contact list and database please send your request to: lisemitchellnoble@hotmail.co.uk

Third Parties

The Website may offer resources or information that are links to third-party websites that are not governed or controlled by True Voice Creations. True Voice Creations assumes no control or liability over the content of any third-party sites. It is advised that you use discretion and carefully read any Terms and Conditions of any external site you use that may have been linked/recommended through the True Voice Creations webpage or content. You hold True Voice Creations harmless from any and all liability related to your use of a third-party website, including any commercial transactions. 

Grant of Rights 

You grant True Voice Creations a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute any content you contribute to the Website. This includes, but is not limited to, text, images, audio material, comments, video material and audio-visual material. This license extends to all known and future media. You also grant True Voice Creations the right to sub-license these rights and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights. Personal communications, Private Vocal sessions, and dialogues between the the course creator, Lise Mitchell Noble and the customer related to personal and sensitive information are protected and will never be shared. 

Content Contribution to Website

Any content you contribute to the True Voice Creations Website and associated social media accounts, including, but not limited to text, images, audio material, comments, video material 

and audio-visual material, must not be illegal/ unlawful or infringe on any third-party’s legal rights. The sharing of such data must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against you, True Voice Creations or a third-party. 

True Voice Creations, when deemed appropriate; reserves the right to edit or remove: any material; submitted to the Website/stored on the servers/ hosted or published on the Website. True Voice Creations can take no responsibility or assume liability for any content posted by you/any third-party.

Comment Policy

The Website will contain links to associated social media accounts (Instagram, Youtube) and private Facebook Groups for users to share their learning experiences. These platforms provide the opportunity for you to leave comments, to engage with the posts. The following types of comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted: 

• harassment directed toward any content creator or Company; • spam;
• hate speech;
• defamatory to Company or any third party; 

• reference illegal acts; or, 

• violate the legal rights of a third party. 

True Voice Creations’s sole discretion will be used to determine if a comment is in violation of this comment policy. Any comments in violation 

will be promptly deleted and no further explanation will be due to you if your comment was determined to be in violation with this policy. 

Takedown Requests

From time to time, the Website will publish posts with images from other third-party websites. Any such use is considered fair use under copyright laws and is fully attributed to the owner. If you believe that your copyrighted work has been used on the Website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement and falls outside of fair use, please send a request 

to lisemitchellnoble@hotmil.co.uk and we will remove the image within 24 to 48 hours. 

No Warranties

The Course is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Company makes no representations or warranties in relation to the Course or the information and materials provided therein. 

Company makes no warranty the Course will meet Your requirements; will be available uninterrupted; timely and free of viruses or bugs; or represents the full functionality, accuracy, and reliability of the Course. 

Limitation of Liability




You agree to defend, indemnify and hold True Voice Creations, its members, employees, officers, directors, managers and agents harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, obligations, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) which True Voice Creations suffers as a result of third- party claims based on: your negligence or intentional misconduct,  your breach of any provision of the Terms of Use (including representation or warranty);  materials prepared or provided by you including, but not limited to, any claims of infringement, or misappropriation of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property or proprietary right, infringement of the rights of privacy or publicity, or defamation or libel; or  death, personal injury, or property damage arising out of, or relating to, your obligations hereunder.