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My personal Vocal Journey is exploring and researching the 'True Voice' as a vehicle to understand the benefit of Holistic Voicework as a therapeutic tool for confidence building and self-development. This work is about examining ways to deepen our connection with empowered personal identity through building a harmonious relationship with our own sound. My approach to Voicework is accessible for anyone who wishes to develop more confidence, purpose and authenticity in their voice. 

I have developed a Holistic System called 5 Elements of Voicework® which is designed to support personal and vocal development, through encouraging Psychological, Physiological, Social, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of the self into balance. This multidisciplinary approach promotes overall wellbeing and greater confidence through the benefits that come from healthy vocalisation and deeper self awareness in relation to environment and others. 

In both private and community settings I support individuals and groups in facilitating safe space for them to explore Voicework through One to One Learning Opportunities, Workshops and Guided Vocal Journey experiences. It is also possible to connect with this work online by accessing my Resource Library which has a range of multimedia tools to aid your self-directed learning.

My own creative practice includes; Shamanic Sound Ceremonies, songwriting, live improvisatory performance, collaborative art & music projects and producing.

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Introducing True Voice Creations 

Produced and filmed by Tanya Schangin: 

Vocal Expression with Lise Mitchell Noble 

Produced and filmed by More Than Sound. 

Lise Mitchell Noble feat. Battulga | Ger Sessions
(Full Documentary)

Produced and filmed by Artger. 

Coast to Coast: Creative Singing Workshops

Co-facilitator for a project co-ordinated by the Survivor Arts Community (assisting the creative pursuits of survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse) and supported by Music Broth. Over 6 sessions, the workshops offered skill-sharing on voice care, performance skills and confidence development through singing. Participants learned repertoire as well as co-writing their own piece of music, assisted by composer; Zac Scott, which was performed alongside musicians from The Nevis Ensemble. 

Find Your True Voice Workshop
& Learn to Play Day

"We were introduced to Lise at an event called More Than Sound. This was an 8 hour challenge for local musicians to take part in a group task – write, record and mix a song from scratch. We were automatically impressed by Lise’s musical prowess and built a strong relationship from there. Since then, Lise has been engaged with Music Broth both in performing at our local events and also in the delivery of music workshops to local young people aged 12 – 17 years and at our Free taster sessions as part of “Learn to Play Day 2019”. Lise delivered “Find your true voice” sessions which explored vocal development and performance techniques. It was apparent that Lise was knowledgeable in use of the voice for both musical and well-being purposes. She is also very passionate about what she does and brings with her a degree of professionalism complimented by her approachable and nurturing capacity with others."

Felix Slavin - Music Broth Founder & Trustee

Felix & Jen - Photo credit: IEM Photography

Singing Lessons for Young People

A period of support in facilitation through delivering vocal tutor cover for children aged 5 plus for  the mental health and wellbeing charity in their music schools in Kirkintilloch, Cumbernauld.

Youth Theatre Music Development Artist 

Weekly songwriting workshops were delivered to members of PEEK's Youth Theatre Group. This involved working with a small group of young people, aged 13 - 21 assisting collaboratively on several compositions which were incorporated into their self-written theatre performance 'Engendered'.

Find Your True Voice Workshop Series

As a visiting instructor for the YWCA I created and delivered a 7 week block of confidence building workshops. The aim of the workshops was to help people feel more confident in themselves as a result of being able to access a deeper level of their personal expression through singing and voice work. These workshops were audio recorded as part of my personal creative and academic project and were sampled and used to craft a piece of music inspired by the process. 

Teen Camp Volunteer Team & Voicework Workshop Leader

Part of an on-site team at the residential camp supporting young people; offering creative collaborative opportunities in music making, voice work and performance.


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