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What is Holistic Voicework?

These are the seeds within the Holistic Voicework framework which serve as an integrated approach to  personal development and wellbeing. When all these aspects combine in a balanced way;  this facilitates the full flowering of our authentic vocal expression.


The power of our mind, how we learn and what we think about our voice.


The feeling and awareness of our intuitive senses and how we allow these to be communicated.


The health, wellbeing and strength of our body instrument.


The relationships we have extending out into the wider community and how these connections shape our expression.

A Personal Journey

These interconnected qualities are all aspects important to voicework. It is possible to explore each component individually or side by side. The overall aim in this Holistic approach is to bring all elements important to vocal development into balance and resonance with each other; so that we can access our fullest expression.


The beliefs we have about life and the Universe, and how these inform our conceptual framework of voice

How can Voicework support me?

  • Rebuild trust in yourself
  • Find an outlet for your creative expression
  • Bring deeper focus and clarity of purpose
  • Provide a clear pathway to personal development
  • Increase your energetic sensitivity and awareness
  • Release and process trauma
  • Strengthen your mind, body and spirit
  • Connect with others more compassionately
  • Communicate with authenticity and ease
  • Enhance health and vitality
  • Recognise your needs more effectively
  • Respect your energetic boundaries
  • Empower your self care practice
  • Open your emotional field
  • Balance the mind
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Develop clearer articulation in your ideas
  • Provide you with transferable skills and tools
  • Offer you a container for sacred space and healing work
  • Expand beyond your perceived limitations
  • Stimulate your mind
  • Create a holistic framework to help understand your world

A Holistic System of Voicework
Metal Element
Alchemy through trauma release; using the voice as a vehicle   

Wood Element
Holistic health and physical wellness as a foundation for voice care

Water Element
Spiritual develoment and its signifiance to the vocal journey
Fire Element
Personal creative expression; playing and performing with the voice
Earth Element
Practical vocal exploration and development
Songwriting and composition are wonderful tools to support a very personal healing process. These activities help us connect with our voice in subtle ways and give us a platform to dialogue with ourself and express characters, narratives and ideas which can facilitate a positive release of emotions and stories which have been holding us back from our fullest expression.

Cultivate skills which will help you channel your passions and ideas clearly and creatively

Exploring the voice within the safety of a group is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
What can you expect from a Confidence Building Vocal Workshop? 

Somatic Practice
Physical warm ups and body awareness exercises to ease tension and support vocalisation 
Performance Skills
Working with style and presentation in how we communicate through our vocal expression
Open Discussion
Participant-lead experiences; groups have the opportunity to talk about their conceptualisations of voice

There is ample time in workshops to allow everyone to contribute feedback and assessment of their experiences of the learning process
Introducing this tool for the purpose of both emotional relaxation as well as conditioning and toning the body 
Writing tasks are a great way to introduce aspects of composition and allow space for the voice to be expressed through a different medium 
Finding ways to play and be creative with sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, form, expression and
Guided Visualisations
Miniature Journey prompts to promote an understanding of all the different elements within Holistic Voicework  
Sound Exploration
Safe space to express tone, timbre, pitch, volume and duration through group toning exercises.
Opportunities to collaborate and make music with others

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