A Holistic System of Voicework inspired by the 5 Elements as described within the Traditional Chinese Philosophy Framework. A multidisciplinary approach designed to bring Psychological, Physiological, Social, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of personal and vocal development into balance and resonance with each other to support confident vocal expression. Specific elements can easily be explored individually or simultaneously. This intuitive framework can be adapted to suit the needs of the learner with any level of experience with music, somatic practices or energy work.

Our perceptions of the voice as a bridge between inner and outer worlds 

Connected to the personal beliefs we have about the Universe
Other services available which are complimentary to this element

Vocal Peace offers a range of sessions to support those who wish develop and strengthen their relationship with their personal spiritual practice. I draw inspiration and wisdom from my personal Shamanic framework; connecting with Upper and Lower Realms, The Four Directions, The Five Elements, Earth Spirits and Primordial Goddess Energy as well as working closely with Ancestors and Archangels. All sessions are tailored to your specific needs and aim to bring restfulness, release and a sense of peace.

Channelled sessions are relaxing personal journeys where we will work from a safe energetic container that I have created. I will serve as a conduit to offer healing messages which present you support during this time.

You can expect a focus of the voice oriented sessions to look at your throat chakra and connected energy centres to aid you with; clear communication, emotional release, finding your power and tapping into the personal creative potential of your inner voice.

All online sessions are delivered through Zoom are completely confidential.

Following the rhythms and cycles of the seasons,
using natural medicines readily available
to us to support our voice care

Developing a deeper caring relationship with our health

Connecting and learning from nature and our external environments to nourish and soothe us

Connecting to our creative power centre

Finding an outlet to explore our ideas

 Learning through play
Explore the following areas complementary to the fireelement in more depth
Shared sounding in social spaces

Peer support and learning through creative collaborations with others
Explore the following areas complementary to the earth element in more depth 
Empowerment supported by the cultivation of feelings of safety and wellbeing in active vocal expression

Emphasis on emotional impulse, response and expression 
Explore the following areas complementary to the metal element in more depth

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